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Reasearch Unit of Sabz Daru Jam Pharmaceutical Company

The Research unit of Sabz Daru Jam Pharmaceutical Company designs and develops the formulation of new drugs to Improve the quality of products & Improve the needs and points of view of the customer. All stages of advancing a drug formulation. from the pre-formulation phase to the production of experimental and industrial batches and the validation of manufacturing and testing methods that ultimately lead to compilation of CTD drug records are performed in this company.

In order to achieve the long-term goals of the company, the activities of this department are performed by experienced people and highly qualified personnel such as pharmacists and chemists. The staff of this unit is 9 people. Eighty percent of the staff in this department have a master`s degree and a doctorate in pharmacy. Also in this unit, hardware and software facilities, scientific resources, documented and approved documents, and a variety of advanced and modern research systems and equipment are used.

This unit consists of three parts:

1- Development and Design formulations

In this unit, using the knowledge and experience of specialized experts, using the latest version of drug sources, selection of additives, appropriate drug form, packaging and other related items are performed and desired methods continue until the approval of the optical formulation. All required analyzes are performed in accordance with the latest version of Pharmacopoeia and in vitro studies along with stability studies, including accelerated, medium and periodic studies in this unit. Another activity of this department is optimizing the company`s routine and old formulation.

2- Devise Analysis Section

All analytical tests are performed in accordance with the latest US & European pharmacopeia methods, as well as the validation of analytical methods in this unit

3- Documentation

All scientific and practical documents related to the optimized formulation or the new formula used in drug CTDs are collected in this section.
The list of equipment and devices of the research & development unit for manufacturing, formulation and analysis of various pharmaceutical forms is as follows:
• Ultrasound
• Pan coating
• Mini glatt
• Blistering machine
• Korsh single mandrel tablet press
• Mini blender V & cubic
• Tablet & Capsule Disassembly Machine
• Bonapac Rotary Tablet Press
• Fette Single Plate Press
• HPLC with autosampler, four channels, gradient column
• Other equipment and routine equipment of Research Laboratory

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Vitamin C1000mg Chewable tablets

Boosting the Immune System

Supply Vitamin C

Vitamin C1000mg Effervescent tablets

Boosting the Immune System

Supply Vitamin C

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Supply Vitamin C

Vitamin C500mg Effervescent tablets

Boosting the Immune System

Supply Vitamin C